How to Increase Audience Participation When You Speak

It can be difficult to hold your audience's attention for the entire presentation. With many things fighting for our attention today, people drift away easily.

If you don't want your audience chatting with each other, pressing their phones or sleeping when you're on the podium, you must create opportunities for interaction during your presentation.

There are many benefits you, your audience and client stand to gain when you create opportunities for audience interaction during your training. 

First, it creates a fun environment and makes learning experience interesting. When the learning experience is interesting, knowledge retention rate is higher.

Secondly, learning is more effective when you involve the audience. Like Benjamin Franklin once said, “tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn”.

Thirdly, encouraging audience participation can help you feel less anxious as attention momentarily shifts from you, the trainer, to the audience. 

What are the most effective ways of encouraging audience participation when you speak? In this episode of The Speak With Poise Show, I shared practical ideas on:

  • how to drive engagement during your presentation  
  • the 5 Most Important factors to consider for your audience interaction process  
  • how to choose the best means of interaction with examples.

Watch the full replay below.

Let me know in the comments your favourite way of encouraging audience participation when you present.

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