Master the art of making clear and compelling presentations at work + in business in the

Average to STAR Presenter Course

A presentation skills course for working professionals (managers, supervisors, doctors, nurses, engineers, marketing professionals, team leaders, business owners etc.) who desire to take their presentations from boring to brilliant, wow their boss and get promoted.

As a young or mid-level professional, you’re faced with challenges like getting your ideas heard, your clients sold on your products/services, inspiring your teammates to follow your leadership, building a high-performing team etc.

Every day at work, you find yourself presenting in:

  • Meetings
  • Staff training (both new and existing)
  • Coaching team mates
  • Important staff and management updates
  •  Pitches to clients

While presenting isn’t easy, it doesn’t have to be boring; more importantly, it shouldn’t cause you to remain at the same level your entire career.

You can learn to craft and deliver board level presentations, facilitate meetings like a true boss, present your ideas and reports in an understandable and compelling manner.

By learning the techniques for giving a clear and effective presentation, practicing the skills in a coaching environment and receiving personalized, helpful feedback to aid your improvement, you can elevate the quality and outcome of your presentations, stand out at work and position yourself for a promotion.

The Average to STAR Presenter Course is designed to help you master powerful, advanced communications strategies which will help you deliver presentations – at work and in business – that connect with your audience emotionally and move them to take action on your ideas and messages.

You will learn to guide those pesky little butterflies to fly in formation, gain composure and communicate in a clear manner whether you’re giving an impromptu presentation, speaking to a small group in an intimate setting, or presenting for your company at conferences or large internal meetings.

This Course is 100% Virtual

You Can Join From Anywhere In The World!

What You Will Learn

  • Managing Speech Anxiety
  • Components of an Effective Presentation
  • Developing an Audience-Centred Presentation
  • Strategies for Delivering a Business Presentation
  • Techniques for Opening and Closing your Presentation with Impact
  • Secrets to Successful Audience Management
  • Strategies for Making Boring Topics Interesting
  • Vocal Dynamics & Body Language for an Effective Presentation
  • Using Visuals in a Presentation

Here's Exactly What You'll Get When You Register For AVERAGE TO STAR PRESENTER Course

  • 4-week intensive lessons (streamed live online)
  • Course Workbook/Assessment Sheets
  • Lifetime access to all course content
  • Personal feedback on end-of-lesson assignments to accelerate learning and improve your skills (valued at $217/₦100,000)
  • Weekly live Q & A sessions (valued at $109/₦50,000)
  • Exclusive access to our online community where you meet, learn and connect with other students (valued at $109/₦50,000)
  • BONUS: An e-copy of my book, "Your Complete Guide to Beat Stage Fright for Good"  (valued at $6.50/₦3,000)


Normal Tuition (INCLUDING BONUSES): $658.50 (₦303,000)

Limited Time Special (UP TO 90% OFF): $65 (30,000)


"There is this seminar that is usually organized for Catholic teachers termly. we had the one for this term on Monday. normally after each facilitator is done talking, a teacher comes up to the stage to appreciate the speaker. This I have always wanted to do but fear always grip me. But this Monday, from the confidence I got from the Public Speaking Course, I was able to smartly walk up to the stage, holding the microphone firmly and gave my appreciation. You need to see the way I felt good about myself."

- Rita Odo, School Teacher

"My first talk to undergraduates went well! The lessons I learned from the Public Speaking Course helped me in preparation, boosted my confidence and I knew what to look out for to drive my points and engage the students"

- Kingston Duru Digital Marketer

"My dream has always been to educate the masses on health issues. As a nurse, I was frequently called upon to do just that. But I’d reject the opportunities because of stage fright. At the Overcome Stage Fright masterclass, Buife helped me to debunk my fears and encouraged me to seek out speaking opportunities. I did. And 3 months later, I delivered my first speech on Menstrual Hygiene to teenage girls! I’ve never felt so free!"

- Norah Chesike - RN

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