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Master Stage Fright & Nail Your Presentations with Confidence


I remember the first day Joan (not her real name) came to see me at our office. We sat together on the black sofa in our reception. After exchanging a few small talk, Joan went straight to why she'd come to see me.

She was having some setbacks at work. 

Twice, she had been passed up for bigger roles (with higher pay); not because her boss hated her; but because she often showed a remarkable lack of confidence whenever she presented her work report. According to her, she was often too afraid. In fact the only reason she even goes up to present was because it was compulsory for every staff. Not only has she lost opportunities to be promoted, overtime she's become the butt of her colleagues' jokes. 

I fought back my own tears as she cried right there in front of me while narrating her ordeal with fright.

You see, I used to be like Joan. Afraid of expressing myself in public for fear of being judged or rejected. I used to care too much about how I'd look on stage and what the audience would think of me. And I hated myself for this.

Are you currently in the same spot as Joan and myself once were?

In a Birmingham post of 2003 titled, Public Speaking Tests the Nerves of Executives, it was reported that 81% of business executives say public speaking is the most nerve-wracking experience they face. EIGHTY-ONE PER CENT!

What does this tell you?

You Are Not Alone.

From speaking with past clients, I've discovered that the first mistake people who struggle with stage fright make is thinking, "this happens to only me". They compare themselves with their more confident colleagues and conclude that they are the only ones who have public speaking fear. Sadly, they couldn't be more wrong.

Joan, past clients, my pre-confident-speaker-self and the 81% business executives have had first-hand experience with stage fright.

We've felt the same strong palpitations you do when you have to make a presentation. So yes, I get what it must feel like for you when your hands and feet shake uncontrollably, your nerves get the best of you and you end up giving a mess of a speech.

Because of your public speaking fear:

  • You now run from roles that require you to speak - even when it offers you greater career opportunity (and pay)
  • You do not market your business effectively, hence you continue lose sales
  • You avoid speaking up in meetings for fear of being rejected
  • You flop project presentations earning low scores in school
  • You avoid all speaking opportunities and settle for less of who you know you could be

But this doesn't have to be your story anymore.

After doing the work to beat my own stage fright, and having helped dozens of other working professionals, students and ministers overcome stage fright for good, I decided to document the proven techniques I use in a book to enable me help more people gain the confidence to wow on stage - including you.

In the book:

  • I coach you to uncover the limiting, negative thoughts that cause you to freeze before and during your presentations. 
  • You'll learn simple, practical steps to overcome these fear-breeding thoughts
  • You will discover how to turn your anxiety into excitement before and during your presentation
  • You'll master techniques to express your ideas with confidence and win your audience's trust every time you speak.

This means that instead of the frustration you often feel when you lose yet another opportunity to shine at work or in business, you will feel good about yourself and excited to get on stage to make your presentation and wow your audience. 


To Order, pay N3,000.00 to 

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To Order, pay N3,000.00 to 

0041640837 (GTB)

Afterwards, send your name, proof of payment to buifenomeh{at}gmail{dot}com

Click Here to Pay Online

What Others Are Saying!

Blessing Nwachukwu // Seo Specialist

Wooow...the book is so captivating and motivational. I learned the key tips for beating stage fright and enjoyed working through the practical sections of the book. 

Precious Henry // Undergraduate

I defended my project without fear (no sweating or missing words), ... when my supervisor threw questions {at me}? I cleared him, he was so impressed.

... When I was sent to one of my lecturer's office to pick up my file, I was questioned by some other lecturers there... I answered them fearlessly... I couldn't believe I was the same person. 

I nailed my presentation. Thank you Buife Nomeh

Ayeni Austin  // CEO Austicom Venture

I now have a full understanding of what causes me to fear public speaking and how I can deal with it.

The key expression, "no one will speak the words on your lips except you" gives me the confidence to express myself fully without the fear of rejection.

The icing on the cake are the end of chapter exercises... A fantastic book!