"No one else can voice the ideas in your head!"

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If you’ve ever asked yourself (or Google) any of the questions below, there's good news. You've found someone to help.

  • How can I gain my audience’s attention and convince them to listen to me?
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  • How can I give interesting talks on boring topics?
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  • How can I remain calm and composed when presenting to higher ranking managers, lecturers or clients (or other unfamiliar audience)?
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  • How can I present slides, data and case studies without losing my message or audience?
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  • How can I overcome camera fright and own my virtual presentations (and leave my video + audio on when on zoom calls)?
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  • How can I define my message and create a signature talk to inspire my assigned, purpose clients, increase my brand credibility and market my products + services + books?
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  • How can I grow my personal or business brand with public speaking?

Whether you're a budding speaker (still fine-tuning your message), have just been hired or promoted to a role that requires you present, or have been speaking for a while, there's something for you to learn here.



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As a get seen, get heard, make sense advocate, I believe that improving the impact of your communication is a powerful way to impact lives, strengthen your leadership, get promoted to positions of greater responsibility, build a high-performance team in business and much more.

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How did I get here?

People often ask me why I became a presentation skills coach. You see, I was shy and timid as a little girl. Unfortunately, my low self-esteem and social anxiety didn't get better with age. In fact, they got worse when I was thrown into the marketplace. 

I turned into a recluse who opted to play in the background for fear of being judged. I would bite my tongue in meetings for fear of my ideas being rejected. My best ideas lived – and thrived – in my head, as I could hardly ever find the words to express them. Even when I felt the desire to provide spiritual inspirations and encouragement for Christian women, I clung to writing as a safety net.

I hated how small and horrible I often felt - especially after listening to someone else share the same ideas I dreaded to air, and end up getting rewarded for it. I struggled with marketing to prospects in the early days of my business; avoided opportunities to speak in public, and with them, the benefits that follow. And when I must absolutely speak, my presentations failed to impress.

With several career growth opportunities lost, my inferiority complex took a turn for the worse.

Yet the desire (and might I add, the necessity) to speak grew in me. I wanted to be vocal about my ideas; express myself with confidence; present with poise and wow my audience. I studied the scriptures, read all the self-help books I could lay my hands on and searched for answers anywhere and everywhere. Along the way, I discovered something that changed everything for me.

I figured out why I couldn’t speak with confidence on stage; why participating in group discussions and being the “centre of attention” terrified me; and what I could do to overcome that fear. I learned how A-list speakers communicate passion on stage and move their audience to take action.

Since conquering my stage fright, and learning to inspire my audience to action, I’ve had many doors of opportunities for career advancement opened for me; I feel so great about myself and have trained over 20,000 graduates, professionals, students, and corporate organizations on topics covering Public Speaking, Personal Branding, Leadership, Business Communication and Etiquette, Career Development, etc.

You can get results with your speaking!

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