When your goal is to empower your event attendees or employees to increase the impact of their communication, become visible at work or effectively influence and lead co-workers + clients, I am your plug.

Because opportunities elude obscurity, when emerging leaders shrink from communicating their value and ideas, they miss out from the opportunity to grow, connect and lead. If your organizational goals include creating more leaders internally, then empowering them to show up fully becomes a no-brainer.

I am a corporate trainer cum conference speaker who knows how to fuse inspiration, practicality and wit to deliver the most enlightening and engaging presentations on communicating with confidence and stepping up one's reputation and visibility to drive personal brand and business growth. I believe that, now more than ever, working professionals need to become better better at marketing themselves, ideas, products and services if they are to thrive in the marketplace and help their organizations grow.

I've been speaking to and training graduates, professionals, students and corporate organizations for over 6 years. Whether it's a small training or a large conference, as a guest on your podcast or webinar, every opportunity to share is special, important and each presentation is tailored to meet the needs of your event/attendees and make you, the event organizer, look good. 


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Professional Presence for Emerging Leaders

Grow Your Business with Public Speaking

Personal Brands at Work: How Smart 9-5ers Amplify their Value, Voice + Visibility in the Marketplace

Camera Confident: How to be Composed and Engage an Audience on Video


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