Presentation Skills coaching for managers

The Manager's Podium community is a network of growth-minded managers.

We believe that you can drastically improve your public speaking skills to become an exceptional leader who commands attention and inspires action.

Hosted by Buife Nomeh, the community is anchored on 3 frames - simplified public speaking techniques, personalized coaching and live practice.


  1. Review a speech each month.
  2. Give public speaking assignments, and members give live presentations to practice learned skills.
  3. On Sundays, members are allowed to sell their services.
  4. Members are also allowed to post manager-level job ads.


  1. Weekly lessons on impactful public speaking techniques and tools for managers.
  2. Monthly speech review on the 25th of every month.
  3. Receive personalized feedback on your presentations.
  4. Networking and collaborating on global projects.

BONUS: A copy of Beat Stage Fright for Good

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Hi hi,

My name is Buife Nomeh. I am a presentation skills coach who believes that everyone can speak with confidence, clarity and convincingly. 

All you need is to learn the right techniques, spice it up with your personality, and you will move any crowd to action.

As a manager, it is imperative that you leave a lasting impact whenever you present to your team, stakeholders, or clients. You do not need to keep on flopping your presentations anymore, making you look dumb in front of your colleagues and boss(es).

In The Manager's Podium, we'll equip you with the techniques, tools and personalized coaching you need to truly communicate your competence, every time you speak in front of an audience.

Choose a plan and join other growth-minded managers like yourself today. Let's take the world of work together.