When You Must Speak To Persuade And Impact – At A Moment's Notice!

Learn how to deliver impromptu presentations at work with confidence, clarity and wow your boss/colleagues/clients - using 3 simple techniques

What You'll Learn in This Webinar:

The secret to remaining calm and composed in impromptu speaking situations

A simple 4-step formula to pull your ideas together - fast and easy!

How to exude competence and convince your audience when you are called upon to speak unexpectedly

3 ways raise your ability to express yourself with clarity and eloquence

And more!

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Buife Nomeh is a confidence & presentation skills coach. She helps forward-thinking personal brands like you increase their impact and income by teaching them to speak, network and lead with confidence.

She is a compere, and a training consultant at Panache Image Consults, a firm that provides public relations and image consulting services to career professionals, business executives and companies.

She combines her skills and experience as a pro communicator to help working professionals communicate their ideas effectively at work/in business - on stage, in person and on-camera.

She has spoken to, and trained over 20,000 graduates, professionals, students and corporate organizations in the past 2 years alone on topics covering Public Speaking, Personal Branding, Leadership, Business Communication and Etiquette, Career Development, etc.